The International banker’s club "Analytics without frontiers"

The Objectives of the Club:

The main objective of our Club is creating an integrated research and information field on the territories of Russia, CIS, Western and Eastern Europe. We want to know more about each other and cooperate closely for the sake of learning from each other. We intend to accomplish this objective by:
  • Organizing conferences, round tables and seminars on the topical issues of financial banking activity;
  • Representing the Club’s activity on the Internet (publishing reports on the events held by the Club on our site www.mbka.ru, encouraging the Internet-forum, creating Internet-projects devoted to the banking systems of different countries).
  • Cooperating with the national banks, bank associations and unions, financial organizations of different countries.
  • Placing articles about our Club’s activities in the Russian and foreign core publications.
How to become a Member of the Club:

Anyone can take part in the Club’s events on conditions specified on our invitations. But only this person or organization that is ready to contribute to creating an integrated research and information field can become a Member of the Club; this contribution can be made in various forms that correspond to the objectives of the Club:
  • By granting information about the financial or banking systems of their (the Members’) countries;
  • By organizing forums;
  • By sponsoring and informational sponsoring the Club’s events.
  • Other.
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